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09-18-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
Previous Year HRR$2,800,000,000.00$3,100,000,000.00$3,255,000,000.00$3,417,750,000.00$3,588,637,500.00$3,768,069,375.00$3,956,472,843.75$4,154,296,485.94$4,362,011,310.23
Player Share$1,689,000,000.00$1,689,000,000.00$1,689,000,000.00$1,708,875,000.00$1,794,318,750.00$1,884,034,687.50$1,978,236,421.88$2,077,148,242.97$2,181,005,655.12
Player Percentage60.32%54.48%51.89%50.00%50.00%50.00%50.00%50.00%50.00%
Per Team Mid$56,300,000.00$56,300,000.00$56,300,000.00$56,962,500.00$59,810,625.00$62,801,156.25$65,941,214.06$69,238,274.77$72,700,188.50
Per Team Cap$64,300,000.00$64,300,000.00$64,300,000.00$64,962,500.00$67,810,625.00$70,801,156.25$73,941,214.06$77,238,274.77$80,700,188.50

That is what my Excel skills came up with...

If the last season's cap were fixed until the Player's Share of HRR reached 50%, the players would operate under the same fixed dollar amount for two seasons, until a slight increase hits in 2014-2015, at which point, the over all number starts progressing again.

This would ensure that the players are receiving exactly what they are today, which would cut one of the NHLPA's legs out from under them... No roll backs or claw backs in salaries, players contracts are honored, etc...

Now, those teams that would be over the fixed cap of 64.3 million would need to figure things out in order to get under...
I think it's safe to assume the league's estimate for 2012-2013 is accurate as stands (which results in that $3.274BN that was previously mentioned [and is Jarick's $3.1BN * 5% escalator]). That would essentially move each of your years back one.

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