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Originally Posted by BoxerMax View Post
I would have to disagree with that last comment. IMO I believe this team is going to surprise allot of people this year. I also believe that the Sting have had some good drafts the last couple of years. I don't think they are in any position to win the OHL, but I don't see them missing the playoffs either. If they are in a selling position at the trade deadline, they have more than enough talent to move to get back most, if not all of the picks traded last year.
I also believe that the team may surprise to the upside this year but it's not likely they've got what it takes to go all the way. At the end of this season a most of the key players will all very likely be gone : kids like Galchenyuk, Anderson, Sarault, Murphy, Boucher,Hottot etc..

If the GM decides to be a seller at Christmas it may be quite difficult to explain to the fan base why he mortgaged so much of the team's future for a first round playoff knockout, and being an also ran the next year and then back into a rebuild. And the rebuild will start without key high draft picks(for many years to come) even if he does re coup some picks in trades.

The question is given how the Sting stacked up against teams like London, and Kitchener, and Niagara last season why he was so aggressive in mortgaging the future with a team that was basically middle of the pack.To be fair the team had a lot of injuries but did Jocko really think it was worth giving up so much ?

This is a case of history repeating itself as Al Millar did the exactly the same thing back in 08 when the team was a sixth place team going into the trade deadline when he mortgaged the future with the Barrie deal. Nothing wrong in going for it but it's a little excessive if you're a middle of the pack ? There is a reason that this team has only made it out of the first round twice in 18 years.

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