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Originally Posted by ForzaFCBAnaheim View Post
I'm not much of a Football expert, so I was wondering why, before the start of the season, every one was saying that Rice, McCoy and Foster were the undisputed top 3 RBs (and arguably the top 3 overall picks) in any fantasy draft, and now hardly anybody ranks all three of them in their RB top 5? Rice seems to be making most poeple's lists, but McCoy and especially Foster are left out often. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

And also, what do people thing of C J Spiller? He seems to be doing really well.
Projections are largely based on a few factors. Last season's performance is big, the type of offence that they play in (is it run or pass based?), whether they are TD targets in the redzone, skill, etc etc. The problem with the highly ranked backs is that they are either targeted specifically by defenses, making it tougher for them, or just high expectations. Those 3 are the top 3 because they are the most consistent, and most talented, RBs.

Foster is still a top 5 RB, the only reason I can think of for him dropping out is that his backup, Ben Tate, is taking carries from him. McCoy hasn't got off to a good start.

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