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Originally Posted by WILDhockeyfan View Post
How does the GM Connected mode work?
The high level overview, looking just at a league of GMs like ours:

Each team either has a human or CPU GM. The commissioner decides upon a duration for each period (in our case 2 weeks). Every game that you have for that period is available to play (in our case, the first two weeks of the season). If your opponent is a CPU, you can either play against the AI, simulate against it, or I think there's one other option I'm forgetting. If your opponent for a game is a human, you can organize a time to play them and do a live game, or one or both teams can assign a "Build your AI" to play the game for them.

When the commissioner decides it's appropriate, he will roll over the period to the next 2 weeks. Any outstanding games will be simulated and the available games for the next 2 weeks are opened up.

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