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09-18-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ForzaFCBAnaheim View Post
I'm not much of a Football expert, so I was wondering why, before the start of the season, every one was saying that Rice, McCoy and Foster were the undisputed top 3 RBs (and arguably the top 3 overall picks) in any fantasy draft, and now hardly anybody ranks all three of them in their RB top 5? Rice seems to be making most poeple's lists, but McCoy and especially Foster are left out often. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

And also, what do people thing of C J Spiller? He seems to be doing really well.
This thread is a few years old, hence why the old posts leave them out (McCoy and Foster really only jumped onto the scene with the last couple seasons). All of the ones this year have them listed.

Also, Fred Jackson looks like he will be back in a couple weeks, and Spiller will split the load with Jackson. He will be GREAT for fantasy until then, but then become a flex play at best. Gailey has already said he doesn't want to overwork either of them, he wants to keep them fresh, so you're looking at ~15 carries a piece maybe. Also, his pace is unsustainable...averaging over 10 yards per carry through two games.

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