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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
KHL Medveščak will most likely enter the KHL next season and its front office is bringing in a lot of players of Croatia descent from all around the world ever since they've entered the Austrian EBEL, some of them already have Croatian passports and they are eligable to play for Croatia. When Medveščak enters the KHL the influx of forgein born Croats could be even greater than it is today.
There are only 2 Medveščak players that have gained eligibility, the new players are not eligible to play for Croatia and will not be until they have played two full seasons in the country.

The better Croatia will become, the less they will need to rely on foreigners. That's typically something that smaller teams do, and if anything it hinders their progression.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Jäger would be German.
If Neal is counts as Irish because the name might actually be from Neil or O'Neill, then Jagr should count as German.

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