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09-18-2012, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
Absolutely no way Cena isnt wrestling The Rock at WM for the WWE Title. No hcance it doesnt happen because the WWE is trying to make Cena bigger than The Rock

My guess is The Rock (C) vs. Cena for the WWE Title, however I wouldn't be surprised if it was a triple-threat match that involved CM Punk. Whoever wins the RR will challenge the World Champion.

Then we'll probably also see Brock vs. The Undertaker. Also, I wouldnt be surprised if we saw DX return (HBK, HHH) to face another tag team
If WWE is really worried about WrestleMania buyrates being affected because the top match would be a rematch from last year, then Rock/Cena won't happen at WrestleMania again.

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