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05-06-2006, 07:12 AM
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Thank you Mr.Zednik.
IF his statement is true the Gainey's job just got easier.
Zednik is now trade bait again.

Zednik with a good center does put up numbers, but is this not exactly the problem. Without being fead great passes he is not creative by himself, his deeks don't work, his one arm thing does not work. SO what exactly is Zednik? " I want people to pass me the puck in the slot so I can score, look good, so I can get more money".

Zednik is not a bad player, but the Habs need better and The habs need more grit, creativity and commitment.

IF his statement is true, Gainey has yet another roster spot to fill and with someone that fits the Habs needs.
Identifying problems is the first step to fixing problems.

If in the off season, Gainey does find the needed fixes, the Habs training camp ought to be more then just interesting.
With so many new names, expect 2-3 months of chemistry building before the TEAM settels down.

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