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09-18-2012, 03:58 PM
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“One side of their mouths is how we’ve had record revenues, the game has never been stronger,” Westgarth said. “And all of a sudden, next week is how they can’t live with the way things are right now and how these contracts are too long. And the next day, two guys [Zach Parise and Ryan Suter] sign for $200 million [combined].

“It is very strange from our point of view. And we’re not sure what to believe from the owners at this point, given how different teams have acted.”
The thing that bothers me most about what Westgarth is saying (which is true) is that the examples that he uses, Parise and Suter are also perfect examples of the players greed. Both of them demanded $25 million for their names to even touch paper, before they even stepped on the ice as part of the Wild. In fact they already have $10 mill for this year in the bank so what do they care if they play a single game? Those two contracts that Westgarth is using are blatant examples of what's wrong with both sides in this whole arguement... You can't really fully blame the owners for handing out crazy contracts when the players are making such crazy demands and the oppisite is true, you can't fault a player when he demands crazy money if the owner just goes "Sure!" and throws $100 million at a player. To me it comes back to the league offices and a complete lack of control over keeping everyone in check and that falls squarely on Bettman's shoulders. If the league stands up when these contracts first come up and does something about it, we aren't in this mess right now with both sides using the same things as examples...

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