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09-18-2012, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
If there's a cap rollback, I don't see his value going higher though, teams will have less cap room going forward.
A cap circumvention contract is more of a benefit with a low cap... With a high cap, a cap circumvention contract is more of a nice-to-have, and less of a need-to-have... Those players with much lower cap hits than what their play suggests become more attractive... It happened when the cap was low with the last CBA... Good to great players with good cap hits became less available to trade, more valuable to teams... Also, with a low cap, there will likely be more team holes than a team has now with a $70 mill cap ceiling... A way to plug multiple holes with a single cork is to have excellent goaltending...

I'd bet that with a low cap, Luongo would still be valuable, to the right team, at the right time... Of course though, with a low cap, the Canucks might be pressured to trade Luongo to the wrong team, at the wrong time... If the right team isn't there when the Canucks are pressured...

If there is no pressure to act (be it, cap space desperately needed or great return being offered forcing the issue), IMHO, wait... Luongo is good with it... Schneider is good with it... Gillis is good with it... It'll work out fine... If the cap is so low, most teams will need to adapt and change the make-up of their team, so I don't think Gillis should act now on something that may or may not be negative later... especially when it has a chance to be more positive later...

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