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09-18-2012, 05:58 PM
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One of the biggest problems with this ownership group is that they are reactionary and always looking for the quick fix. Blaming miller and now JB for these messes are misguided in my opinion - I believe their direction came from the owners - get us to the second round or else. We have to go for it, we have the number one draft pick.

In my opinion here is what to do.

First - admit your blunder, suck it up and don't make another wrong move to try and cover up the previous bad moves. In other words we made a big mistake last year - while the team looked good on paper, the results showed differently, regardless of the reason.

Trade your assets this year, only for value. We will need to have players that can eat some minutes and bring in some toughness to protect the younger players and issue a beating if teams want to run up the score. Sorry, it works. If we don't do this, then I truly believe we will make a quick exit from the playoffs this year followed by two non playoff rebuilding years.

Make stability your number one goal - realize that unfortunately it will take some time to reap the benefits, but I very much believe that the intelligent hockey fans in Sarnia will respect this and reward the team with support. Again, trust takes time to build - stop looking for the quick fix.

Build on the good, correct the bad. JB showed some huge positives both in the Q and now here at assembling talent. Build on this. He may not be as good of a coach, I don't really know yet, but let's not run him out of town only to have him succeed elsewhere after we trained him. Remember Mark Hunter?

Now the corrections, short and sweet.

Develop - buy only to augment when you are truly ready.

Goal tenders!

Defense - we need to get coaching resources that can improve our defense development. It really isn't far behind our record on goalies.


Customer service. The record on the ice is not the only reason people aren't attending games. This is something that they can control immediately to make an impact. The parking issue is but one of the many blunders in this area.

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