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09-18-2012, 05:28 PM
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I like Chaput's signing. Was always a fan of him, yet knowing his limitations as well. Fortier, well, they know him, know what he can do. I guess that's fine with me.

Leveille is quite intriguing. First, this is why the draft day "winners" and "losers" are just a game, nothing else. Yet, will always have fun playing it, but people should chill in saying that you never know who really win 'cause you don't know that draft day. I know. We know. But Leveille was seen as a potential steal prior to the draft if he would have been chosen in the 2nd round and some were still calling him a darkhorse even if he was chosen in the 1st. But then reality kicks in and you just can't like a kid who has seen such a regression in his game from the 1st to the last year in College. I guess he's worth a shot with all the promises some had in him. You do wonder what kind of role Dudley played in this since he was in the Thrashers organization.

The only think that this makes me believe is that we will be more present in the Wheeling organization.....

My main problem though with not necessary those signings, but the look of the team in general is that there are not a lot of veterans who can lead the way. I know, you don't want those to take the rookies icetime, yet, I believe that you need a good mix so that your youngsters do learn in a winning atmosphere.

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