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Originally Posted by flyingkostitsyn View Post
i hate it when people make such lame, unfocussed posts full of bs. Too many things to shoot down at once..

1. Eller is not soft. Not ''gritty'' in the sense that he will punch you in the head but that he's strong as a bull and tough to play and score against.

2. Scott gomez is irrelevant.

3. Gaborik and richards are softer than eller. Gaborik is a cream puff, in fact. A no show in the playoffs, lays a hit per season and keeps getting injured at the slightest contact. Seeing your apparant line of thought you should be thankful nyr signed him and not us.

4. You are definitely the first person to regret trading mcdonagh

5. Yeah, ''this team''. The general managers and entire admin staff are just puppets to a monstrous being called the ''montreal canadiens''. It doesn't matter that the entire former staff was removed and replaced, the bergevin admin is still led by the evil entity that is the habs so we can't expect any concrete changes to take place.

6. Kaberle is probably preparing for a new season in europe after a summer of training. How are you doing?
lol buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn!

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