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09-18-2012, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by TheMoreYouKnow View Post
Not sure why everyone expects Rangers to win every single game especially this early in the season given their squad is basically entirely new, made up of promoted youth players and new signings whose motivation and effort level certainly could be questioned.

On paper they still look like a reasonable SPL side, sure, but in practice I doubt it's an easy job to actually make a functioning team out of these guys.

I said to my friends Rangers would struggle, but many Rangers fans said they would walk right through the league

It's not that early 9 games in and it's still the same tactics and style of football nothing has changed (ie long balls, poor passing, poor defending) and are getting outplayed in some of the games

It has been a embarrassing start for them

They have 8 players who have played in the SPL as regulars and are struggling against part-timers who don't have the same great facilities to use and don't get paid the same wages and that's what Rangers fans are embarrassed about and rightly so but hey I don't mind

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