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Originally Posted by spidergoalie View Post
Re: Varlamov
I know for a fact that he has attended Allaire's summer camps in the past, and I recall an article in a goalie publication a year or two ago where Allaire was praising Varlamov as being an ideal goalie for him to work with.

Obviously Giguere would love it, although I sort of wonder what Jiggy's future is if the lock out goes all season, this being the final year of his contract.

As for the controversy in Toronto, IMHO Burke is simply doing a terrible job.
He hires his friends without building a coherent team.
Wilson's run and gun style was in total opposition to Allaire's blocking Butterfly approach, which is a percentage based system, while Wilson's system left the goalies in bad situations where percentages won't help.
To make matters worse, apparently Burke had other guys working with the goalies having them do different things from Allaire. No wonder the goalies looked tentative and confused!

As for Burke's bluster...he offered Allaire a contract extension. Allaire turned it down. If Burke really felt Allaire was out of date, why would he offer the extension? Clearly Burke is just lashing out because Allaire exposed some of the disfunction in Leaf-land.
Exactly. If Allaire wasn't cutting it, then have a conversation with him and agree to part ways. Don't just keep him there because of name recognition, and bring in three other guys to take away all his duties, and over rule his decisions.

You don't treat someone as accomplished and respected as he is like that, and then when he gets pissed and tells the truth to the media, you imply the goaltending issues were all his fault, and that his methods are outdated. Even if they are outdated, than you handle that internally, you don't let it get to the point where it has. But this is just another example of Burke's complete mismanagement and lack of integrity.

He'd rather put someone else down than accept blame for his inability to bring in good goaltenders, defenseman or draft well. He's got more excuses than anyone in the NHL.

Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
Thanks for posting. Most of the stuff I've heard about Allaire lately has been negative. Not just fans but even some media have been criticizing him. I don't know if that's because his style is outdated or because that's what the media is hearing out of Toronto.

It's highly unlikely that the Avs hire him but that's good to hear about Varlamov. I had no idea he worked with him in the past. Every time someone talks about Allaire they just mention his blocking style and I think that would be terrible for Varlamov. I don't really care who the goalie coach is as long as it's a full time job and the person doesn't try to drastically change how the goalies play.

As for Giguere, he already signed a one year extension with the Avs. So even if the lockout lasts the full season, he'll be back the following season.
Burke aside, I have the same reservations. I don't know what to believe, but there doesn't seem to be anyone coming out and saying he does try to work with other goalies styles. If he does try to change Varly's style, and it doesn't work and he struggles, that could permanently affect his development. He needs to start putting together some solid full seasons. Otherwise he'll just be another Theodore.

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