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Originally Posted by PhillyBluesFan View Post
89 Flames
90 Oilers
92 Pens etc etc etc

But who the heck cares they aren't playing teams from other years they were playing the 78 point Rangers. No goalie's EVER had better protection than Roy had in 86 and 87.
First off, the '89 Flames were stacked, the '90 Oilers were still a very, very good team without Gretzky and the '92 Pens...are you freakin kidding me?!?!?

Second, this is the second time you have made reference to '87. I already completely destroyed what you said about '87 the first time...

Originally Posted by PhillyBluesFan View Post
That is a load of BS.

Any HOF goalie playing with Robinson and Chelios SHOULD win the cup. Not to mention 3 great forwards in Lemiuexm Naslund and Smith. If anything its a fail that the Habs didn't get back to the Cup finals because Roy played like absolute crap against the Flyers
Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
No actually, the only BS here is what you're trying to spout.
Big Bird was a declining 36 year old and and Chelios was a season removed from being a rookie in '86.
Bobby smith was a good player but he sure as hell wasn't the superstar you're making him out to be lol.
Lemieux was a clutch playoff goal scorer but he also wasn't a top player.
Naslund was very good but again, he was no super star, sorry.

Where you truly show your knowledge, or in this case, supreme lack of, is mention of the Flyers series in '87.
Considering Roy was injured earlier in the playoffs, tried to come back in Game 4 but was obviously not ready yet and let in 4 goals on 20 shots before giving way back to Hayward. It was the only game he played in that series sooooo....I'm not sure what the hell you're trying to talk about!

Here's the Box scores from all 6 games
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6

Third, there is NO myth, only FACT!

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
His absolutely ridiculous and insane playoff OT record of 40-16 (24-6 as a Hab!!!), next closest is Belfour at 22-24.
The fact that out of the playoff series he lost, he lost more of them in 7 games than he lost in 4, 5 or 6 games combined.
That he has close to 40 more PO wins than any other goalie 151-94 (.616 winning %) to Brodeur's 113-91(.554 winning %).

Roy's playoff resume:
Total Series: 43
Series wins: 32
Series losses: 11 (1 in 4 games, 2 in 5 games, 2 in 6 games and 6 in 7 games)

Basically, if you had Roy in net, your team only had about a 11% chance of being eliminated in less than 7 games and about a 75% chance of winning.
THAT is ridiculous!

It's one thing to believe Hasek is the better overall goalie but to actually try and present Roy's playoff supremacy as a myth...that my friend is just pure unadulterated ignorance and bullcrap!!!

Also, even if Roy was as protected as you say, he also got some of the lowest goal support in the last 40 years. Yes, even less than Hasek got in the middle of the dead puck era!

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