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CBA Solution

NHL Concessions:

1) Players eligible to become Free Agents after 6 Seasons in the League or at age 26

2) No Rollbacks of Current Salaries

3) Don't implement contract length limits

4) Allow Players to play in Olympics (Don't know if I'd call this a concession?)

NHLPA Concessions:

1) Accept a 50-50 split of H.R.R. (Structure it so that the players probably won't face cutbacks of current salaries as long as the NHL grows at it's expected rate. Essentially, as the leagues revenues grow cut back the percentage of H.R.R. the players receive in a way that honors the current $ value of the player's contracts.)

2) Accept a lengthy CBA agreement so as to achieve the 50-50 split of H.R.R. (7 years or longer so the fans don't have to worry about CBA negotiations so much.)

3) Stop demanding that greater revenue sharing between richer teams and poorer teams be a requirement of a New CBA.

4) Allow the closing of loopholes regarding Cap-Circumvention.

Either: When calculating the yearly Salary-Cap Hit for players, contract years when the player is 37 years of age or above will not be included in the calculation.

Or: If a player signs a long-term contract and decides to retire before the contract is up the years of the contract that the player doesn't play will result in a penalty to that player's NHL Club. For example, the calculation of the yearly Salary Cap Hit based on how many years the player fullfilled of the contract will count towards that team's Salary Cap between the time the NHL player retires and his contract expires.

5) Allow NHL to pursue reallignment and Schedule Changes.

6) Allow more Merit based pay along with base salary. Performance Pay.

7) Entry Level Contracts extended from 3 years to 4 years for recent draft picks.

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