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Originally Posted by feasey123 View Post
In simple terms, how does one explain why the owners arnt the bad guys

- a viable business typically pays out 20-30% gross revenue in salaries, not the >50% that players expect
- most NHL teams, hence owners, lose money. players would never dream of losing money for hockey. Makes you wonder who loves the game more, doesn't it?

The players gloss over all of this by quoting "NHL revenue", not team revenue. If players want "what's fair" then it only makes sense that they want a ten team, profitable, league with all of the losing teams shut down .... and as a result several hundred less jobs and contracts to fight for. That'd be fair. Your local Ford dealership isn't going to give you a raise when it's been bleeding money 10 years runnning, just because the Ford Motor Company head office is reporting a profit.

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