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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Very well thought out post, and I like these lines for the most part. I would try and tinker with them a little bit, as I think a line of Puempel, Marcantuoni and Rieder may get pushed around a bit. In addition, Faksa is a strong player, but I fear we are asking too much centering him with Thomson and Sterk, as both those guys arent possession players, and Faksa would be responsible for the bulk of offensive generation.

I would pair the wingers as Rieder/Thomson and Puempel/Marcantuoni, and put Sterk between one, and Faksa between the other. preferably for myself as;

Rieder - Sterk - Thomson
Puempel - Faksa - Marcantuoni

Its a test for Sterk, if he can't play top 6 center with those two, then it's time to add one who can, or Audition the remaining players through to find out who can. maybe at that point try and switch Matia with Sterk, or break things up over three lines with Bailey or Czinder playing the opposite wing of Puempel or Rieder.

Theres alot of talent on the team, I think if there is one thing for certain, its that this is a team that will roll 4 lines without hestitation late in a game.

I agree with what you said about Faksa. He went through all that last year with Lorentz and Ming and he deserves better. I had Sterk on that 2nd line only because I was going with players currently on the roster. I'm still looking for a high end RWer to complete that line. Once that guy is in place, that top six rocks!!

Spott says that this will be a special year. He talks of this being a Memorial Cup season. If he is actually going to go for it, then he better be prepared to do what he has to do to get us there. As a top ten ranked team last year, he had an opportunity to put us over the top and failed to.

This year, we are going into the season with pretty much the same lineup except for the addition of Puempel, which is good, and the replacements for last year's OA's which is bad. In my books, this makes our team not as good as last year's so far. I will admit though that our depth players look better this year than last.

London and Plymouth aren't going to roll over and give us a birth to the final just because this is an anniversary year. If there were two rivals who would like nothing more than to bounce us early this post season, it's those two teams and they'll both be strong.

I agree with Ward Cornell who said that he sees 5 bodies who could be shipped out to acquire the high end talent we need to go on a run. If Spott is serious about going all the way this year and winning it all, then he can't worry about trading this guy or that guy because of how we'll look in the next couple of seasons. Therefore, guys like Pederson, Sterk, Gilbert, Palazzese and picks have to be discussed as trade bait.

I mean, what does Spott want to do? Win a championship or guarantee we are a competitive team next year. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice next year to go for it all this year (2008 anyone?). And considering we don't have a hell of a lot in the way of high end picks available to deal, the pieces going the other way are going to be youth off of this roster, like it or not.

Even Schmalz may have to be considered. I mean, if Marty Williamson wants Schmalz included in a deadline deal for Dougie Hamilton, do we do it? These are the types of things that Spott will be faces with at the deadline - just like he was last year when we could have had Austin Watson but Spott wouldn't go that extra mile.

The result? London got Watson and the rest is history.

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