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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
You seem to be missing the point as to why these contracts are made.

They're not made to carry value late, they're made so that a very good team can get a guy's cap hit well below his current salary to help win a cup immidiately, and worry about the problem later. Luongo's burned years off the front end (favourable for the team), but still has all of the risky years to go. Sure, one can reasonably rely on him being a star goalie for the next couple of seasons, but a team like Toronto's outlook has to be beyond that. They're not winning the cup in the next 2 years.

As for the no NMC stuff, there's substantial risk. Even if you assume the same rules as the previous CBA (highly unlikely), you've still got $5.3m in tagging room that's taken up every year, if in fact you want to bury him in the minors. If you don't want him in the minors, that's potentially a $5.3m goaltender that just isn't good enough, and his value will even less because there will be no upside in his contract.
I'm not sure I follow. He would be sent to the minors at around age 39 or whenever his play declines enough that it's not worth keeping him on the team, only if he doesn't retire early. The CBA isn't going to disallow all contracts from being sent to the minors, that's absurd and the owners would never allow it.

The purpose of the cap circumvention contract isn't "win now, screw the future," it's to have a star at a lower cap hit than they would normally be at for the duration of their career. As soon as they are no longer up to it, they are expected to retire, with the threat of being sent to the minors if they don't.

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