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I'll have a go at the 2011-12 Flyers. This will be inexact; I'm just seeing how far short of 82 games someone is, and assuming it's due to injury. I won't be discounting games missed due to illness or personal reasons, so heads up there. I'm only including full time NHLers because I don't have the time to figure out what callups/scratches missed however many games. I'm tempted to take Jagr out because he missed games due to wear and tear/age and not hitting. He probably counts as an outlier. I'm not taking raw team hits, I'm going to manually add the total hits these players accumulated and call it the team total.

I don't know how to make tables, but the format is: Player HitsPerGame %Teamhits GamesMissed %Teamgames missed. Total games missed based on my lazy formula: 192, Team Hits: 1437

Claude Giroux: .9 Hits .04 %Hits, 5 Miss, .02 %Miss
Scott Hartnell: 2.29 Hits, .13 %Hits, 0 Miss, .00 %Miss
Jaromir Jagr: .19 Hits, .01 %Hits, 9 Miss, .05 %Miss
Wayne Simmonds: 1.7 Hits, .10 %Hits, 0 Miss, 0.0 %Miss
Jakub Voracek: .56 Hits, .03 %Hits, 4 Miss, .02 %Miss
Danny Briere: .68 Hits, .03 %Hits, 12 Miss, .06 %Miss
Matt Read: 1.03 Hits, .06 %Hits, 3 Miss, .02 %Miss
Max Talbot: 1.85 Hits, .10 %Hits, 1 Miss, .01%Miss
Sean Couturier: 1.06 Hits, .06 %Hits, 5 Miss, .03 %Miss
JVR: .86 Hits, .03 %Hits, 39 Miss, .20 %Miss
Brayden Schenn: 2.51 Hits, .09 %Hits, 28 Miss, .15 %Miss

Kimmo Timonen: .89 Hits, .05 %Hits, 6 Miss, .03 %Miss
Matt Carle: .67 Hits, .04 %Hits, 0 Miss, .00 %Miss
Andrej Meszaros: 2.32 Hits, .10 %Hits, 20 Miss, .10 %Miss
Braydon Coburn: 2.02 Hits, .11 %Hits, 1 Miss, .01 %Miss
Chris Pronger: 1.15 Hits, .01 %Hits, 69 Miss, .36 %Miss

There you go. It's not sorted in any logical way, and it's imprecise; I'm not positive if it's useful or not. Draw what conclusions you will or can.

I think this would be more useful if it took hits taken and Time On Ice into account as well. It'd be even more useful looking at each player's careers.

Edit: I don't think there's anything conclusive here; if anything this looks contradictory at first glance. You've got Hartnell, Coburn, Simmonds, and Talbot with a high number of hits per game, and the 4 of them missed 2 games total. On the other hand, you've got Pronger, Schenn, Mez with high hit totals as well, and a a lot of games missed. So what makes those groups different? That's where I think we'd need to look at TOI and hits taken, and possibly age/hits taken per career. I'll let someone else do that, I want to go play video games. I'm going to guess nothing definitive shows up.

Also of note...Pronger's injury this year was very fluky; but he did also miss a lot of games in the previous season. Overall, I don't think hits given has nearly as much impact as hits taken; as in any sport, it's far easier to give a hit than it is to absorb one.

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