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Originally Posted by plafleur10
Might be a result of being older (45) than most people here and having lived my teenage years through the seventies which were glorious years for the Habs, so I am more demanding indeed and will not throw a gratitude party for a 6-game loss in the first round on a 70-foot shot in Overtime, which might or might not have deflected on a defenseman's stick who committed the mistake of his life by doing something that is NEVER done in hockey (take off the rose colored glasses, this is done several times per game!!!), putting your stick in front of a shot to deflect it in the crowd (which is why they installed a net on top of the glass to protect the fans behind the net, remember!).

The Habs are very lucky in one way that their current fan base will accept almost anything from them, as what they retained from the seventies is not hockey glory, but, as you very accurately point out, the "rose colored glasses"...

Our fans should only look at the most gullible fans in hockey, the Maple Leaf Fans, to see what happens when you throw you full confidence and trust at whatever product is given to you on ice, resulting in decades of misery.

Yes we drafted well in 2001 (Komi and Perezhogin) and 2002 (Higgins), a.k.a. the "Savard Years", but we certainly have not done as well in 2003,2004 and 2005 (the "Gainey/Timmins Years"), so someone should definitely point it out.

In today's NHL, mistakes will burn you even more, given that young players will accede to the NHL faster due to the salary cap in place.

To the smart one who said the Islanders could also cry that they did not get Komi and Higgins, the Islanders have nothing to be sorry about, they DID NOT own a pick prior to the ones with which Komi and Higgins were selected,while the palyers I mentioned in my post WERE AVAILABLE when the Habs selected...
You have some valid points. I think letting Beauchemen go was a huge mistake. He had been developing really well in the AHL, and I think they looked at his size (a tweener....not Bouillon...but not big either) and decided they didn't have room for him....rather than giving him a shot. I don't think that everything is a crap shoot like others here. If we didn't recognize that talent within our organization, while others saw it....we need to improve in that facet of our operations. I think it's a mistake to say...."well you never know". We didn't give him a chance and that was a mistake.

Having said all that, I think it's too early to write players off. You're calling the last 3 drafts a disappointment. Chipchura will be a very good NHL player. There isn't a team in the NHL that wouldn't love to have him as a prospect. At 18th overall in a weak draft, he was a great pick. Meszaros is going to be a good d-man, but he was a risk when he was drafted. Scouts hadn't seen a lot of him, and for that reason he fell to Ottawa. As far as the Kostitsyn pick goes...give it time. He was a project pick....and I think we can all agree that if (I think when) he puts it all together, he's going to be the power forward we're looking for. Oh...and then there's Carey Price...a potential franchise goalie...not a bad pick when goaltending is at a premium. point is that it's too early to tell how these players will develop IMO. Maybe they all could happen.....but I don't think it will. I don't think that's seeing things through "rose-coloured glasses"...because most GM's in the league would say Montreal has great prospect quality and depth.

Just my thoughts

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