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05-06-2006, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by oli500
Theres a solid core here no dout. its up to management to bring in the right players that would fit in with this core. Ive allways believe that we dont have to spend big bucks with the quality prospects we have. If we can upgrade are 2nd and 3rd line center this team is capable of great things. Im looking foward for next season as it should be a great one. Remember if it wasent fore are injurys in november we could easily finished in the top 5. we were headid in that direction, next year if injurys do ocur are rookies are going to be a year older and more mature so they should be able to pick up the slack. I cant waite.
The Habs are not capable of making a serious run for the Cup if they merely bring up more of their prospects. They'd have to do some serious trading and free agent signing, and that may not be feasible.

I disagree with your suggestion that the Habs could easily have finished in the top five if not for the injuries in November. The Habs had their full team back in the few weeks before the playoffs but they lost two games each to the Devils and Sabres, who demonstrated that they were clearly better than the Habs. Add the Senators and Hurricanes (both of which had key injuries), and you have two more. Take away the early injuries to the Atlanta goaltenders, and you have still another. If Jay Feaster had traded for a goaltender, you'd also have the Lightning ahead of the Habs.

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