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09-18-2012, 10:19 PM
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Stuart is a third pairing with heavy PK duties. He hits a lot (and takes a lot of penalties) and can't do well with 15+ mins. I don't think this is what the Oilers want or would be good value for them. Sutton actually looks like he performed similarly just looking at stats (did not watch enough of him for an eyeball test). Sooo waaay overpayment for "intangibles".

Hainsey would be better if he wasn't a pending UFA and had a smaller cap hit... say ~3-3.5. Can do shutdown role or has offensive upside if he is sheltered (currently not being though which is why he has the lack of points).

Also, LW is the only position that the Jets have set right now. Kane, Ladd and Ponikarovsky are LW exclusively and Antropov, Burmistrov, Cormier and Miettenin can all play LW if need be.

PS Bogo is actually our best defensemen with defensive duties, followed by Hainsey... just because someone can put up points doesn't mean they aren't better than "defensive" defensemen.
Great Dave Tippett quote
"We had a player that was supposed to be a great, shut-down defenseman. He was supposedly the be-all, end-all of defensemen. But when you did a 10-game analysis of him, you found out he was defending all the time because he can't move the puck.

"Then we had another guy, who supposedly couldn't defend a lick. Well, he was defending only 20 percent of the time because he's making good plays out of our end. He may not be the strongest defender, but he's only doing it 20 percent of the time. So the equation works out better the other way. I ended up trading the other defenseman."
PPS Ladd is an ok support 1st liner or superb second liner NOT 3rd liner.
Ladd: The Jets leader in both words and actions. While trailing Kane in both shots and G/60, he plays a stronger possession game against some of the league’s toughest match ups with the rest of the two-way savvy LLW line (or at AIH: Ladd’s Little Wheeler). Next season Ladd will most likely continue with similar production.
For LW, Ladd was 30th in pts, 17th in goals, 41st in assists. For 5v5 */60 with +30 GP he comes 44th in p/60, 12th in g/60, and 75th for a1/60. Production and possession wise he is an average top-line scorer with strong possession abilities.
Top line goal scoring production and one of the top 5v5 shots on net in the league... no 3rd liner unless your team is ubber stacked.

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