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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
39?? You sure it's not 40? or 38? or 37? or 41? Furthermore, how do we know if A) he'll be eligible to be sent to the minors, or B) they'll be anything to gain from doing so. We know there's a lot of people involved who don't like the fact that teams can bury mistakes in the minors, for all we know a new CBA could remove the incentive to do that by counting contracts in the minors (beyond a certain amount).

The purpose of those contracts is to get a player to a lower cap hit now, with the expectation that his play later will be inferior to his cap hit.

You seem to act like sending him to the minors is no big deal, when in fact; under the previous CBA, it meant a loss of tagging room, under the new CBA, could do absolutely nothing to alleviate cap hit, and under any CBA, is likely to cause a tumultuous situation with team and player at odds.
or maybe under a new CBA they will do the same thing as the NFL where no contracts are guaranteed and a team can just walk away from Luongo's deal? Does that make him even more valuable then under the new CBA?

while that's not likely to happen, it's no less likely than the new CBA putting restrictions on already negotiated contracts. Those contracts, including Luongo's, were negotiated under an active CBA, with those rules in place. If they now change rules, those contracts will be grand-fathered in, as they always are in any business that changes CBA rules that effect contracts. You can't just make those changes that impact previously negotiated contracts as they were done under the rules of the previous CBA.

Chances that the new CBA will now force restrictions on Luongo's contract that weren't there before are basically slim to none. But none of that even matters at this point - as no trade will be done until a new CBA is in place, so we will know full well what his value under a new CBA is when he's going to be traded.

This discussion should just end now until a new CBA is in place. Until then everyone arguing what his value is, are all just talking out of their ass. We have NO IDEA what his value under a new CBA will be. And we have no idea whether his value changes - improves or not - with the changes that the NHL may see under a new CBA. Again, there's just as good a chance that a new CBA improves his value as there is that it decreases. What happens if there are no more guaranteed contracts, with another 24% rollback in salaries? Is a $4mill/yr cap hit on Luongo, which a team can walk away from whenever they want, not make him a more valuable asset overall? Can you guarantee that won't happen, while the CBA changes all NTC to NMC where players can't be waived or their full cap hits continue to count?

We don't know what will happen... and therefore we don't know what his value will be when a new CBA is in place.. arguing otherwise is just pointless - like all these Luongo discussions have turned into.

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