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09-18-2012, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Yes, after all, Edmonton doesn't have Winnipeg money...

The contention that the Oilers franchise could leave Edmonton is ridiculous no matter how you look at it. The team is Top 10 in revenue, there's a season ticket waiting list of thousands, every game's a sell-out. Katz is just extorting the city for as much as he can get. Maybe he should go to the BoG and get pre-approval on relocation if he really wants to make his point. I'm sure approval would be a mere formality - I mean, it's not like the Oilers have the rich hockey tradition and rabid fanbase of, say, Glendale, AZ...
Sorry, but Winnipeg is a small market team that is only once again viable because of the Canadian dollar and the fact that the team got a public investment of their own by requesting 5 years of season tickets paid in advance.

I am unsure of the workings around their arena deal and if the team gets to keep parking, concession, or anything else, but I'm sure the economic benefit from having the arena downtown can be felt already. Winnipeg might be pretending rich right now, but their 15k arena isn't going to allow them to ice a $75-80M team. The economics just don't work. Every citizen in Winnipeg (All 738,000 of them) will have to spend $109.59 a year to maintain that roster.

And if my above post wasn't enough? On top of the anemic city council, a handcuffed progressive mayor, and a bunch of out of touch conservative baby boomers who cry foul when flowers are planted (But who also buy F-350's to haul their new speedboats), we have Northlands siphoning all the profit from the Oilers and who have also demanded that they deserve "in" on this new arena despite not contributing to it. I think they realize the Oiler gravy train and loss of their tenant will hurt them.

Bettman has stated that he isn't going to get caught up in Edmonton relocating if it comes to it again.

This situation is one of the reasons there is a lockout right now. Small market teams that should be doing well, but can't because of "player salaries". Unfortunately for the Oilers it has nothing to do with salaries and everything to do with their arena.

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