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Originally Posted by feasey123 View Post
In simple terms, how does one explain why the owners arnt the bad guys
Myself being a semi knowledgeable ($$ wise how the league works) Jets fan im scared (long term) for the players "winning" the lockout. We couldn't keep up in the 90s and IMO there is absolutely no way we would even be back at this time if it weren't for the last lockout. Problem with this is the vast majority of people I talk to in real life are taking the NHLPAs side. How do I get threw to them in the quickest way possible? I realize this is my opinion and I may be completely wrong, teehee.
Bettman has consistently said one thing that stands out in my opinion:

The system contained in the expired CBA is not the problem...but the amount (% calculation) being paid to the players is simply "too much!"

Donald Fehr and the players are not interested in "tweaking" or "adjusting" the expired CBA...and you can see why below.

Since the last lockout...the revenues have increased 1.1 or 1.2 billion dollars. In that same period...the salary cap floor has increased 30+ million dollars per team!? Simple math would indicate that the players have gotten 900+ million of the increased revenues while the owners (who's job is to increase revenues...according to Donald Fehr) got 200-300 million!?!?!?!?!

The "fair" deal seems pretty obvious to me. The players are going to have to give up some % share (maybe a 3%-3%-2% reduction over three years will ultimately be the compromise).

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