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09-19-2012, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
you are absolutely right about the 2016 number. that was my mistake. i think brunner had a contract until 2015 anyway IIRC. it's the same situation as diaz (the guy with 2016).
but from my understanding of the sitation and what i was told from a swiss journalist, it seems that for the time of the lockout brunner will be in zug, but as soon as the lockout is over he will report to GR. i don't know how the plan of the NHL is terms of a camp/preseason thing, but i guess between lockout ending and NHL start there are a bunch of AHL games to be played.

but then again, as long as no one clarifies the kind of "agreement" both teams have, i guess everything is speculation.
i wonder how much control the wings have on players during a lockout, since they don't meet parts of the contract. could be that as long as the lockout is underway, brunner simply supports his PA fellows with not reporting. not sure if he has too. that's too much CBA stuff for me.
but brunner always made it clear that the AHL is an option for him because he wants to make the NHL one day.

that being said, the NLA will add a lot of interesting NHLers. so the competition level will be much higher. while he won't learn the NA size, he will compete against guys like nash and thornton. that's interesting too IMO.
I'm kinda either or. If he plays in NLA he'll play in a rock 'n' roll league that'll be plenty good. Good teammates, good opponents. With Elitserien's no thanks and KHL's restrictions, at least I figure plenty of players will go NLA. Another aspect is that it clears top6 ice time for somebody else with the Griffins, while he gets his aswell. On the other hand, playing in the AHL he'll get to know future teammates, playing style, rink sizes etc. that will undoubtedly help him more in camp. Plus personal reasons, I wanna watch him on a line with Andersson and Nyquist/Tatar.

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