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09-18-2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I'm not gonna defend Katz, I'm just a realist who understands the situation. Katz isn't the one who is gonna hold anyone hostage. He's simply going to say, "Alright I tried" and sell the team to someone who will have no second thoughts in moving them. It's this public perception that turned from Edmonton's own Bruce Wayne into public enemy #1 the minute he realized that a half-hearted attempt is what sunk the countless other downtown arena districts in other cities and that an entertainment complex that embraces not only the Oilers but revitalization of the downtown core and a building Edmontonians could be proud of is what's really needed. The public perception of him then and now is a stark contrast and one that should be questioned. He has done nothing but good for that city.

Winnipeg has what Edmonton wants. There was no backhanded slam there. They have the downtown arena, probably a pretty lucrative lease, access to parking, concession and other amenities and on and on. The team is new, corporate support is high and the fans are excited as they should be.

But don't delude yourself for a second that our "strong market" is a bullet proof vest. You can only pack so many people per night into those arenas.
The fact that he is not wanting to pay any taxes on the property (and that is only the tip of the iceburg in freebies he wants from the city) tells me he's more interested in his own personal finances and my tax dollars than the City of Edmonton and Oiler fans.

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