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09-19-2012, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by izzy3 View Post
You can reach mastery in 10 years in anything if you devote time and effort. Skating is quite easy to learn, you will just have to skate and try things you can't do. I started at 36 and 3 years later I am one of the best skaters in my division (and I keep working at it). You'll be skating against other amateurs, so what's the point of your "friend"?

Sure you will not have the speed of a 25 year old NHL player, but no 35 year old has that, even if they play in the NHL.

I only train legs once in a week, and that seems to be enough. Anything more I overtrain. It will come down to your recovery speed, and that is a pretty personal factor, though at 35 you should be on the slower side.
Ok, thanks, I think once a week will be enough Core is also in my schedule, the weighttraining is for fatloss and general conditioning only.

My friend means well though, he just explained to me that I shouldn't focus too much on technique, but on the feeling of skating first:feeling comfy on my skates and the ice and trying to break out of that comfort zone.

Thanks everybody you've been very helpfull

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