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09-19-2012, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Prairie Habs View Post
Agreed. Why trade players of value when you can just offer garbage for other teams top players?
Oh come on, no need for the trollish comments. If you want to talk about players on other team being garbage, it might be more pleasant for the people who cheer for those players for you to do so at your own team's board. Unless, of course, you're just in the mood to insult people.

I wasn't seriously suggesting that Hemsky or Gagner should be involved in the proposal. I was making a sarcastic joke of the frequency of Gagner/Hemsky in proposals in the past and the frequency of MPS in proposals over the past week.

Bedsides that, I don't think MPS is the kind of player Ottawa needs right now. If I were a Sens fan I'd be looking for another sniper.

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