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09-19-2012, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
Simple. What entitles the players to 57% of revenues when the owners are the ones with all the risk and expense of growing the business? The players don't have any rationale as to why they should be getting what they're getting besides that's what they've been getting.
Because that is exactly what the owners wanted? What businesses have complete cost certainty? No matter how bad the economy gets or how much their revenues fall off, they're guaranteed to only pay 57% of it to the players. They were willing to guarantee the players 57% of revenue to get it 8 years ago. They must be really, really stupid and they obviously severely miscalculated.

The owners HAD the option of paying the players less in a free market, like most business have in a free market. Unfortunately for them they were too stupid to effectively run their businesses, they shut the league down less than a decade ago to get cost certainty and they evidently made a stupid deal in that regard as well.

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