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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Surely I don't have to literally explain to you the differences between Winnipeg's arena and the proposed arena district that Katz has designed, do I?

Winnipeg's arena was built for a paltry $135M. Edmonton's arena district is a proposed $450M+ that encases two rinks, world class design, restaurants, an indoor 'winter garden' (likely scrapped), several office towers, underground parking, condos and LRT access not to mention private investment in the form of bars/restaurants that are part of the project as developable land.

That is a project the city has to be involved in. There was a lot of research that went into developing a feasible project based on historical effects on arenas located in downtown areas. The conclusion was that an arena downtown itself does not revitalize the area and there are many failed arena-only cities worldwide where this is prevalent. They've concluded that a successful revitalization encompasses many aspects and thus the arena district was born. It should be seen as a municipal-wide initiative with the arena as a focal point of the whole revitalization project.

Katz' expectation of public funds is not unreasonable because this project is thinking Edmonton first and arena second. It's incredibly ambitious and one that will change the perception of Edmonton for decades to come if it's built.
Surely I don't have to literally explain that you're side stepping the issue of your posts being riddled with inaccuracies.

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Winnipeg has what Edmonton wants. There was no backhanded slam there. They have the downtown arena, probably a pretty lucrative lease, access to parking, concession and other amenities and on and on...
The same company owns the rink and team in Winnipeg so there would be no lucrative lease, concession, or parking agreements.

Also, $135M was not a paltry sum at the time the arena was built. It's called inflation and the cost of construction materials (mostly concrete). GM Place cost about $160 million in the mid-90s and it's a first-class arena. This so called "district" is either going to require guaranteed renters (which Katz is already asking for from the city) or it's going to directly benefit Katz (looking for a casino license). Any Arizona residents here? How's the situation in Glendale working out?

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