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09-19-2012, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by rabbit3119 View Post
I guess in a sense, I'm being selfish. I'm a Coyotes fan, and with our entire offseason relying on Doan's decision, we lost more key pieces than we gained. With that said, Maloney was recently quoted saying that now that Doan is here to stay, he will begin to address certain areas of our roster via trade. We still need a center, and maybe another winger as well, and seeing as we could start playing anywhere from 2 weeks from now, or next year, i would really like to know how the lockout affects personnel additions.
Due to there being be no CBA I do not think any trades ca occur during the lockout of players with NHL contracts. Prospects and ahlers could be traded, but I do not think NHL contracts can be swapped as trades are covered by the CBA and with no CBA in place and all contracts are tied to the agreements covered in said CBA--NHL contracts are frozen till th new cba is in place. This is one reason why there was a mad scramble to sign players on the friday

not sure how--but the fish just jumped in the boat and put the hook in it's mouth
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