Thread: News Article: AEG, including Kings. for sale
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09-19-2012, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by TruKingFan View Post
Gee...the drama queens are already out in force screaming bloody hell and it can't be good..blah blah blah. a deal this huge is so complex and may take years to close so to cry the sky is falling at this point in time about the next owner is simply premature to say the least.
Some of us care enough to have have foresight and have seen teams like the Dodgers have bad owner after owner or see guys like Wang buy teams with ulterior motives and not give a **** about the team.

The same firm is brought in to sell the team sold the Dodgers in months with a owner who was being forced to sell.

That must be why you are only a Tru fan and not a true fan. Come back when you earn your e.

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