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Originally Posted by CoyotesHFNHL View Post
I completely agree. The 13 team is better than 09 for 16/17 year olds, and I agree they could fight for 4th if they hold onto everything they got right now. If they play this team until the deadline (unless injuries come up and a team is willing to pay a ransom for one of the older players before then) get a few picks and a few young players at the deadline this team will still be a playoff team this year and be even better in 2014. A year when winning the conference could mean a Memorial Cup trip. (If the Eastern Conference gets it).
Ideally, you would like to sell and limp into the playoffs to get some experience. Having said that, I am not sure that Sarnia has what it takes to take 4th spot. London, Kitch, Plymouth - Guelph, and Owen Sound IMO for 4th and 5th. I think Saginaw could be better than Sarnia also, I'm putting a lot of faith in Gilbert. I believe we will be fighting for the last two playoff spots with the Soo, Windsor and Erie.

If we don't sell, unless I am missing something, I think you go into next year without a proven goalie and a seriously undermanned and undersized defense. I do like the looks of some of the younger talent up front. IMO, deadline trades will need to include able bodied defense and **sigh** yet again a goaltender. Could we develop a goalie? Can't see it unless you trade away JP. Just don't see the backup getting many games - and if we do trade JP and others, the remaining tender will most likely see more rubber than a dead skunk on the 402 - they would need to find a way to keep the kid's confidence.

Next year, without a trade, IMO you lose Murphy, Galenchuk and most likely Boucher. That leaves a very poor crop of 94's - 19 year olds next year. To make the D respectable, you would need to keep your three OAs at that position.

If you do trade, ideally you would like to get some 18 year olds to fill those gaps, unlikely to happen given the team that is buying will want those assets, it is much more likely to get a younger player, someone not as valuable for a short term playoff run. Based on this I just don't see next year as a big playoff year one way or another, too many missing pieces.

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