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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Personally, I do not see Lombardi as worth it. He is basically a reclamation project at this point, coming off a terrible season. Change the second to MacArthur would be the only way I'd consider it. Otherwise we are getting nothing to help us.
Well, the second wouldn't be offered in addition to Kadri/Lombardi... so neither would MacArthur, unless of course the cap remains upwards of $65m.

In terms of "getting something that helps" you absolutely do. Kadri's a high potential prospect who will play on the wing immidiately, and Lombardi, a reclamation project, who has proven the ability to be a solid 2nd line two-way winger center in this league -- exactly what the Canucks should be looking for. Obviously the preference is for somebody who would be more reliable, but that doesn't seem available for Luongo.

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
But this isn't any better then what most Florida fans were willing to offer(Upshall, Petrovic, Clemmensen/Theodore, 2nd)

If Toronto wants Luongo, they could at least do better than that(seeing as they have a greater need than Florida), by either upping the pick to a 1st, with our 2nd going the other way, maybe? And make the swap conditional on it being above a top-10 pick?
That really depends on how you view the Leafs assets. The first isn't going to move, and neither is a goaltender. If it means we're not getting Luongo, that's fine, but we're not going to go beyond what it makes sense for our team to pay.

At that point, you've gotta decide whether you'd rather have Kadri & Lombardi, or Petrovic, Upshall, and the goaltender. If I was Vancouver, I take Kadri over Petrovic because he's NHL-ready, and Lombardi over Upshall because of the shorter contract and ability to play centre. Does the goaltender make up for it? I'd say yes if it's Theodore, no if it's Clemmensen.... but then you get into the issue of whether or not Theo's willing to waive his NTC, and if not, is it worth trading for Luongo?

Sure, you could wait a year, but what if Markstrom finally bursts onto the scene?

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