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09-19-2012, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by cj225 View Post
That's crazy...1 good season and he suddenly deserves to be the captain of a team? No thanks.
It's about an attitude, a confidence, an air of leadership that no player on this team has possessed since Stevens left. Henrique is the first guy to have "it" since Scotty retired. It's not about stats. He could be a 4th liner in that regard. It doesn't matter. His attitude is contagious. His confidence is contagious. His calmness is contagious.

I agree it's still difficult to give a sophomore the C. The problem is that it's quite obvious, if he sticks around, that he is future captain material. However, if you give Kovy the C, he's is your captain for the remainder of the contract. You can't strip it away if it doesn't work. You can't even hint at the fact that you want him to give it up. He has to do it willingly, with no persuasion. Of course if it all goes good there are no worries. I just personally don't think Kovy is really captain material. I didn't think Zach was either. I don't think anyone else besides Henrique has the look of a captain. Ideally it would be given to Sal for a year or two until Henrique either proves to everyone how deserving he is, decides he doesn't want it, or leaves; the latter two cases making Kovy pretty much the only choice.

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