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09-19-2012, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by aliasedman View Post
a) Are the menus as laggy as I've read? Some people were saying upwards of 30s to change teams while trying to do a trade, etc.
I'm on PS3 rather than 360, but on my crappy internet the menus can easily take 5-10 seconds to load back to the central menu. I imagine a "up to 30 seconds" claim would be a bit of exaggeration, but I know that I didn't bother to update my trade block the other day because I couldn't be bothered to wait for the menus. Basically, the issue is that every time you exit an area (say, trade block or the strategies page) it does a full check with the server for anything that has happened since the last time you were on the central menu. When it's talking to the server, it doesn't allow you to do anything until it's done.

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