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09-19-2012, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
This is where you're wrong. Van gets something. They get to lose his $5.3mill cap hit without taking any bad contracts back. If the return is better than that, sure trade him. But all Canuck fans are hearing here is that he's worth little to nothing - sell him for pennies on the dollar - and the Canucks would be forced to take on a bad contract. For a contending team, taking on a bad contract while getting prospects who may not even help this team in a few years - if at all - isn't better than just losing that contract and using that cap space and your own futures to add a rental or two that actually addresses team needs.

Waivers is a last resort situation where losing his cap hit without taking anything back is a better deal than taking on crap contracts that don't address team needs. Of course there's no need to consider that option until you actually need his cap space for other areas... Until then there's no problem just keeping him on the team, and keeping the team's 1-2 punch which were the biggest reason for the last President's win.
I disagree with this statement. I think there is very clearly two schools of thought on his trade value. 1. if VAN wants something like Kadri + 1st, they are going to have to take back a bad contract. 2. If VAN wants cap relief, Lu's trade value is not top prospect + 1st rd pick (especially likely high 1st, if TOR is involved).

That is great if you are willing to commit to so much cap space in goal for next year - probably won't affect your team too much, and VAN will likely have another stellar season. But, that can't be a long-term strategy - too many cooks in the kitchen, too much money tied up in a position only one player can play per game. What it ultimately leads too (as VAN fans should know better than anyone) is "OMG Goalie X had a bad game, but Goalie Y is on fire - Goalie Y should be our starter, even though Goalie X is one year removed from being a Vezina finalist and got us to the Cup finals! I think the odds are better than even that tide turns on Schneider at some point this/next season (whenever the heck they play) if Lu is playing solid when he gets his chances to play.

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