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Originally Posted by CAN View Post
Hello everyone!!

I live in North America and i wanted to watch the HC Davos hockey games online and i was
curious if anyone knew of a site where i could do that?
I do not mind paying for the site my only concern is being able to watch the games. If anyone
has any information it would be much appreciated.

This is going to be difficult.
I can show you links to the highlights of the games, but I can't guarantee, that they will work outside of Switzerland.

You can try it:
Teleclub Highlights (only goals)
Swiss Television Homepage (Less comfortable to use as an english-speaking person. Just search for "NLA Davos" at the top-right corner)

I doubt that there are livestreams of the games, since most games aren't even shown on TV. At least I haven't ever seen any on the most common streaming websites. But you're probably luckier than me.

If you are really lucky, you will be able to achieve a Swisscom (swiss telecommunication company) login as a foreigner. Swisscom is working together with Teleclub to be able to stream all the games on their website. But it's expensive as hell: $6 per game. I can gather further informations and PM you later if you are interested.

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