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09-19-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
You ****ing kidding me right now? Who cares about the negotiation getting compromised? Thats a good thing. Make the players start talking and realizing what needs to be done.

Keep it up. I hope more former players come out and say something. Sink Fehr. Sink the PA. Sink their absurd stance. YEAH!
Man, you don't get it. Modano and Guerin didn't give a rats ass about the lower earning players in 2004. They wanted the right to unlimited earning potential. They ostracized guys like Commodore and Ferrance for speaking against the union... while they were actually invested in the process. They weren't thinking of the collective unless it benefited them at the time.

Now these former players are out, have no stake, and they're throwing their former brothers under the bus. Presumably for a cushy league job. It's not to help the union, it's to draw attention to themselves. Thinking this is an honorable choice speaks more about you.

In my opinion, this hurts negotiations. It emboldens the league to hold out longer, to stick to their demands. It doesn't get people to the table any faster.

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