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09-19-2012, 10:45 AM
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The players are willing to compromise in reducing their share. The NHL wants it done all at once with the players losing 20% of their salaries to escrow. No wonder why the Bruins were in a rush to re-sign their players. Boston thinks the players will accept 20% escrow. The NHL says it 10%-12% escrow. PA says it 15%-20%. The players had money taken out of their checks for escrow. They ended up losing a little more 3% of their salaries to escrow in the 2005 CBA. The players had most of their money returned to them expect for that 3% plus. That's the problem. Its not a rollback off the top but the players lose it in escrow. That's the problem. Whether its a rollback or big escrow,the players lose a big chunk of their salary. Fehr has to be careful in what he offers Bettman who is a little sneaky because he then wants more. The PA offered the 24% rollback in November 2004 and Bettman took it but still insisted on the cap. Fehr is no dummy. The PA should have taken the 24% off the table. Maybe they tried but Bettman insisted on the 24%. Bill Daly said the NHL made a mistake giving the players younger free agency. The players got that concession for accepting the cap and giving 24%. Now the players are expected to give up younger free agency,take a % cut in HRR and give up a big chunk of their salaries in escrow. What are the players getting back in return? Nothing?????

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