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09-19-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
If I was a player around for the last lockout I would realize how foolish sitting out a year was. How ultimately it gained me no leverage in negotiations and succeeded only in taking a year's salary off of my career earnings.

If anything, the ignorance is among the PA members in terms of what holding out will actually accomplish. When we look back on this deal, I have no doubt that they players will be viewed as having been "bent over" again.
You're jumping ahead a few steps. Sept 15 was a false deadline. Games aren't lost yet. They're close. No one is looking to miss a single game, let alone the whole season.

If you were a player, you might be pissed that you missed a season for the last CBA. Now the owners are telling you the last CBA is screwing the league over, give up more. You might be pissed that Minnesota schmoozed you and a week later sat across the table and told you that deal is crazy, you have to give back some of it. Nashville could have walked from Weber if that contract was so bad. Instead they willingly signed it and attempt to get it reduced.

Let's say Center Ice advertised the package as $80 for the season, and I bought it. Then a week later, they say it's actually $100. If I don't agree to the deal, I lose my $80 and I don't get to watch hockey. Would you just pay it, or would you fight it and seek some options? Sound illegal? Or at the least immoral? Is Center Ice right because they invested in the system, buy rights, pay employees and assume all the burden and risk? Maybe they made a mistake with the initial offer, or maybe that was their tactic all along. Get me invested and force a few more nickels out. Doesn't make it right either way.

I know it's not a perfect analogy, but we're talking about emotions and thought processes of 700+ individuals.

Make no mistake, the battle right now is over signed contracts. Double digit escrows to artificially reduce contracts is unacceptable. Lock in the cap until the split catches up, and we have hockey. I don't think players care about the cap. They just want what's coming to them.

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