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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The players are willing to compromise in reducing their share. The NHL wants it done all at once with the players losing 20% of their salaries to escrow. No wonder why the Bruins were in a rush to re-sign their players. Boston thinks the players will accept 20% escrow. The NHL says it 10%-12% escrow. PA says it 15%-20%. The players had money taken out of their checks for escrow. They ended up losing a little more 3% of their salaries to escrow in the 2005 CBA. The players had most of their money returned to them expect for that 3% plus. That's the problem. Its not a rollback off the top but the players lose it in escrow. That's the problem. Whether its a rollback or big escrow,the players lose a big chunk of their salary. Fehr has to be careful in what he offers Bettman who is a little sneaky because he then wants more. The PA offered the 24% rollback in November 2004 and Bettman took it but still insisted on the cap. Fehr is no dummy. The PA should have taken the 24% off the table. Maybe they tried but Bettman insisted on the 24%. Bill Daly said the NHL made a mistake giving the players younger free agency. The players got that concession for accepting the cap and giving 24%. Now the players are expected to give up younger free agency,take a % cut in HRR and give up a big chunk of their salaries in escrow. What are the players getting back in return? Nothing?????
Excellent post. I personally think that 24% powerplay in 2004 is why the players are so slow with negotiations. They're pouring over their offers carefully. Like playing chess, they're predicting how the league will turn their own offer against them.

I think they players would take less than 50% if there was a gradually drop. Say lock in last season's cap, $64+m. That's roughly 54-55% of expected revenue. Drop it 1% every year until year 7, getting it down to 48% for the PA. Cap actually could go over that $64m. If it's 50/50 split, lock in a cap number until 50% passes the ceiling. Drop the floor immediately. Increase revenue sharing. Link the floor and ceiling by a percentage rather than the same $16m.

A bunch of teams conducted business the last year with a 20% escrow in their projections. They are more reluctant to honor the contracts then some of the fans believe.

Regarding the free agency concession, it was widely believed the league was all too happy to drop it to 27. They thought flooding the market with more UFAs would decrease demand, drive prices down. They never predicted longer contracts. Teams were afraid of losing players after large investments with only a few prime years in the organization. Bettman isn't the best with details. He is typically burned by the details. Expansion was great... franchise fees and national market. He diluted the talent pool however and forced contracts through the roof. Didn't see that coming. He drowned his fledging franchises in payroll.

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