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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Both sides are at fault but the NHL is being too greedy. The NHL made a bad deal in 2005 and now the same jokers are the table trying to fix their mistakes. People blame the PA for stalling. Last time,the NHL and PA couldn't get a deal done after they began negotiations one year before the CBA expired. CBA's don't get done until the last minute or usually after a lockout. Why is anyone surprised there is a lockout? Its lockout 3.0 for Bettman. Fehr will get a better deal by waiting until the NHL has a pressure point. The owners will win but Fehr won't allow the players to get rolled.
NFL and NBA were locked out. Waiting got the unions better deals. As you've pointed out numerous times, waiting got the splits close to 50/50 with a phased reduction in cap. No rollbacks or double digit escrow on contracts.

NBA had 12/25 in their sights. That's their "Winter Classic". Hopefully this is more like the NFL. They're a TV driven economy. Missing games is unacceptable.

NHL is a ticket driven economy. NBC is indifferent about hockey during the football season. Owners lose money eventually with the gate, but starting late leaves room for a compressed full season. Players get an escrow check in October. They don't lose money until last few weeks of October.

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