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09-19-2012, 12:24 PM
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LeBrun wrote this yesterday

The league’s view was that raising the cap for this past offseason was an artificial inflation of the cap given that a new CBA was in the offing. Not surprisingly, the NHLPA declined the offer, very much in its rights under the expiring CBA to have the salary cap increase July 1 according to corresponding revenues. As such, the salary cap went up to $70.2 million for the July 1 opening of the market, and some teams went ahead and spent like drunken sailors.

From that moment on, the league and owners were intent on recouping some of that money in the ensuing CBA talks.

The summer’s free-agent spending under the new salary cap was an important factor in what now stands as the No. 1 philosophical battle between the sides.

How many teams spent like drunken sailors? There weren't many players worthy of drunken sailor money but which teams spent big money? Minnesota gave 2 long term "cheating" contracts worth $98 million each and Philly gave Weber $110M. Those were the only crazy contracts. Both of those owners are close to Bettman. Recoup the money? What money? Its 3 contracts. The extensions to the entry level players start in 2013-14. Even with those extensions and some of the other extensions which begin next season,those teams don't have too much money committed for 13-14. Boston has $57M committed for 13-14. They gave 3 extensions for Seguin,Marchand and Lucic. Minnesota has $51M committed for 13-14. $57M in actual salaries. Even if the cap is set at $64.3M,those teams aren't close to $70.2M. What's the problem? Teams are allowed to spend 10% more between July 1-last day of training camp. Even it was kept at $64.3M and added the 10%,that's $70M. Teams are still below the $70M this summer and they could have adjusted their cap before the season just like other teams have done in previous years. The whole thing is weird. No team is at $77M.

The whole thing is a joke.

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