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09-19-2012, 11:32 AM
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It's absurd to think that any union is going to negotiate pay cuts for the people they represent when the industry those people are working for is increasing its revenues and profits each and every year. That the NHLPA is still not likely to win is almost beside the point. Taking that kind of a hit without any resistance just about makes it a fact that the union itself is of no use to those it represents--and the NHL and owners need the NHLPA--because without the NHLPA there is no bargaining agreement--no rules anymore on pay, free agency etc. etc. There would be no limits to what teams may or not pay and no protection for younger assets beyond the term they sign for. A player only bound to the team for the length of a contract he signs as a single individual. Without the NHLPA the wealthier owners would be eating the less wealthy owners. Crosby wouldn't be playing in ****ing Pittsburgh or Malkin.

So IMO--asking the NHLPA to knuckle under here and accept whatever it's offered is not going to benefit anyone--not the players, not the owners and not the fans. If the NHLPA rolls over here--why would you stay in it? If the players were to decertify their union there would be ****ing anarchy (not necessarily a bad thing IMO). Too bad for the owners that Allan Eagleson is no longer there to fix everything for them.

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