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05-06-2006, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by davey999
Correct, you wouldn't want to learn form your mistakes, right?
Learning from mistakes is all well and good when it applies, but how do you propose we learn from mistakes regarding the development of young players, each of whom is different? Matt Higgins didn't work out for us, better write off Chris too, eh? If one forward happens to bust, do we stop drafting forwards for the next 10 years in an attempt to learn from the mistakes of the past? No. Each player is evaluated as an individual and what they could bring to their team, at each stage of their career. Some people on here seem to think prospect development is done at set intervals and all youngsters can be compared across some sort of board.

It is a shame to see that a player once part of our organisation is now succeeding elsewhere when he might have had that success with us, but really, what can we do about it. Saying management should do their job better is a cheap way of finding someone to blame.

As for Chipchura and Kostitsyn, why the criticism? Was it a mistake to draft them? Certainly not. Are other people from those drafts currently making an impact, yes they are. Does that mean by default that Chip and AK should be playing in the NHL now? Of course not. They will get their chances in time and only then can we start comparing them to fellow players from their draft. Different teams have different approaches to development and different needs, why compare our team to others and the sets of circumstances that determine what decisions they take?

As for the optimism for those players, why not? Rose coloured glasses? Maybe, but why not choose to see the best in someone instead of being negative and not expecting much from them. If management took that view, how many people would fail to develop as a result of being around people who have no confidence in them for no apparent reason?

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