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09-19-2012, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting Fire View Post
I think it is clear why they finally caved into the fans.Season ticket holders were irate.This was a PR nightmare for the sting and its management. First,announce before the season ticket holders purchased their tickets and receive,Secondly,Who is getting the money and why,Third,If you are going to charge,open up the 3 north exits, yes there is 3,the normal gated entrance,the yellow gated entrance which someone closes and the lane that meets up with the main exit plus the one south so you are not waiting for an hour to get out.My problem is that I pay extra for my parking pass and then have to sit and wait with the others.JB compares to London BUT I have never ever waited at any parking lot in London for an hour to get out.A few minutes at best.Good decision Sting.

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